Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Untravelled India

One thing about solo women travelers that I love is that they are more open to new experiences and curious about the cultures of places, most especially they are interested in the lives of the women they meet in their travels. There are a lot of exciting new travel companies in India that offer a point of difference to the usual organised tours, one of them that I love is Untravelled India, a social enterprise that aims to bridge the digital marketing gap between socially responsible tourism offerings in rural parts of India, and urban travellers looking for authentic travel experiences.
Here is a beautiful example of the kind of India they introduce you to, the Spring Festival in Punjab, Baisakhi.

You get to stay in a traditional Punjab farmhouse, hang out with the locals as they celebrate both the arrival of spring and the birth of the Sikh religion and experience authentic folk dance performances.
Even better, the proceeds of the trip will be used to sustain the  Prakriti Farm in organic farming, and to support the livelihoods of artisans in the nearby village of Rail Majra.
Take a look at their website and start dreaming about an India untravelled!

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